Moment of Choice

When things get tough, it’s your choice
whether you give up or keep going.


Through static exercises, we force muscles to work
harder and produce better results while
reducing injury.

Manual Resistance

We use people, not machines, to enhance
motivation and maximize effort.


“Expressing thanks may be one of
the simplest ways to feel better.”

Source: Harvard Mental Health Letter, 2011

Forging Character

People with integrity are happier
and more successful.

Our unique approach combines intense strength training workouts with challenging physical, academic, and social goal setting and achievement.

Friend Fitness

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YMP is cool

YMP’s signature mentoring program matches volunteer mentors with local youth who have varying fitness levels, personal backgrounds, and life circumstances, but who can all benefit from a positive adult role model.


Gritness PE

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YMP coaches assist Physical Education instructors with small group mentoring during PE class. The improved student/teacher ratio allows for more individualized support for students.

Coaches of Excellence

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“Students who learn how to set goals are 78% more likely to achieve them.”

Dr. Gail Matthews – Dominican University, 2007