Youth Mentoring Partnership utilizes goal-setting, grit, and gratitude and the power of fitness, mentoring, and relationships to teach kids how to succeed.


YMP leverages the power of mentoring and fitness to help kids develop the skills needed for personal growth and success.


YMP works with students, teachers, and coaches across the Philadelphia region, many of whom live in under-resourced communities.


Students overcome life obstacles more effectively when they have a positive adult influence to talk with and learn from.

Mentored youth are…


less likely to get involved with drugs


more likely to go to college


more likely to improve their grades

The Mentoring Effect

Public/Private Ventures – Big Brothers Big Sisters

YMP’s youth mentoring programs improve outcomes for at-risk students. Significant improvements have been reported:


improved academic success


improved social awareness and behavior


greater levels of physical well-being


greater levels of self-esteem

Source: PA Commission on Crime & Deliquency, Galbavy 2000

“I can honestly say that this program saved my life.”

-Kyle, student and mentor

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