Paul's Story

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"The last thing I thought going into this endeavor was that giving up golf for mentoring would be the easiest and greatest thing to do."

This has been as rewarding an experience as I've ever known. I know for sure that this is the most positive thing I've ever done for myself. I only hope it's been as positive an influence on the kids that I have mentored. There is nothing that compares to getting a phone call or an email from a teenager you've mentored who seeks you out to be a source of comfort, advice or anything that he feels he can't share with anybody else. They all don't have to be emails from a former student who is now a soldier in Iraq complaining about the heat. It can be from a kid with day-to-day frustrations that any young person experiences. I wish I had had somebody like that for an outlet when I was young.

I'm in the finance business so the following is going to sound a little strange. I've learned that you don't need a lot of money to make an impact on somebody's life or society in general. It just takes personal involvement.

Paul, mentor and donor