Jess's Story

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"We feel Jess is just as much your daughter as ours!"

Ingrid and Friend Fitness completely changed her life.  Before, she would do nothing for herself or anyone else but she sure could talk other people into doing things for her.  Friend Fitness taught her to push herself and work toward her goals.  Now, she is dedicated to helping others and is a leader in our community.  You motivated her to go to college; she’ll be the first in our family to graduate!  She still gets other people to do things for her, but it’s as President of Harcum College’s Student Government, helping me with the African American Parent’s Association, or returning to her High School to motivate the Black Student Union (BSU).  She is dedicated to your program and improving the community.  She continues to volunteer because she loves the program and truly uses her leadership ability coordinating one of the Friend Fitness sites.  We’re so proud of Jess and her Friend Fitness family!

Jess’s mom