Real stories about mentorship, goal-setting, grit, and gratitude.

"Just Be There."

Coach Tommy asks his Varsity Lacrosse team what they need to succeed, but wasn’t prepared for how simple and impactful the answer could be

"Make Today Matter."

Coach Yas uses a teachable moment to motivate a student to give 100%.

"The biggest reward is seeing growth."

Adrian talks about his experience as a peer mentor and the impact it has had on both his mentee and himself.

"I Wasn't Me."

Mackenzie speaks about having cerebral palsy and how YMP helped her build strength and self-confidence.

"It was a HUGE impact on my kids' lives."

Cristy talks about the importance of her sons having access to positive role models after a big life change like a separation.

"I get discriminated on at school."

Zane details the discrimination he faces at school and how his mentors have helped him overcome.

"They knew how to motivate me."

Now a college graduate, Jess looks back at how YMP impacted her as a 7th grader reading at a 2nd grade level.

"I was shy."

Brie shares that through Friend Fitness she was able to forge friendships she otherwise would not have had.

"Absolutely unbelievable change."

Stephen and his mother recount how Friend Fitness helped him overcome shyness and arthritis.

"Apparently the kids adore me!"

One of our YMP mentors talks about why he dedicates his time to our program.

"I can give back to my community."

A YMP mentor describes why he volunteers as a mentor in our programs!

Stories from alumni, parents, and current students and coaches plays a huge role in ensuring more children have access to mentors.