Frequently Asked Questions

Who are the kids?

The program is designed to help all kids (grades 6 -12).  Participants represent a cross-section of the population (gender, grade, school attended, extracurricular activities, personal issues, ethnicity, obesity, etc.) and may or may not exhibit risks associated with health, fitness, academics, social issues, behavior problems or family conflict.  Researchers believe the mix of kids (high risk, at-risk, and prosocial) contributes to the program's uniqueness and effectiveness.

How are kids referred to the program?

They are referred to the program primarily through school counselors, parents, youth service professionals (YMCA staff, case workers, therapists, law enforcement) and community-based partners.

How are the kids and mentors matched?

Staff matches kids with mentors in professionally supported one-to-one relationships. Weekly workouts bring kids, mentors, volunteers and staff together at the gym. Mentors are trained by fitness and mentoring professionals, with staff support at all workouts. Neither kids nor mentors need any special skills to participate.

More Questions?

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