Enroll a Student

All kids can benefit from having another caring adult in their lives.

The Friend Fitness Program serves a cross section of the population (gender, grade, school attended, extracurricular activities, personal issues, ethnicity, obesity, physical inactivity, etc.) and students may or may not exhibit risks associated with academics, social issues, behavior problems, health, fitness, or family conflict.

Friend Fitness is designed to help kids develop a strong work ethic (character), build mental toughness (resilience), and master goal-setting skills.

Our program model utilizes a social development strategy that incorporates the ingredients of opportunities (workouts), skills (goal-setting) and recognition (contingent upon achievement) to support positive youth development.

What we expect of students & parents...

To participate in the program, the student must commit to:

  • Meet mentor at workout on a weekly basis
  • Call their mentor and Program Coordinator, if unable to attend workout
  • Set goals with their mentor
  • Work out to the best of their ability at each workout

Parents/guardians make a commitment to the student’s involvement in the program by providing transportation

What you can expect of us...

  • We will provide your child a mentor and staff on-site at workouts
  • Safety and a positive group dynamic at all workouts
  • Support for parents and families


Contact Us!  via email alex@youthmp.org for more information and to set up an interview.